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Cottons Pinch Computers

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We supply and service NEW, reconditioned and second hand equipment for for all your IT needs.

We custom build PC's to all performance specs, based on Windows XP, VIsta or Linux.  Systems are designed to offer the best price performance we can get.  We use state of the art components from the leading suppliers of PC hardware.

We also offer a comprehensive range of Notebooks from leading suppliers as well.

A large range of reconditioned PC's are also available for purchase, so if you are looking for a second machine for the kids, or on a limited budget, we can certainly help.

We offer Installation and Technical support on all types of PC enviroments from stand alone systems to large Networks in both wired and wireless enviroments.

We supply both on-site and in-house support services, as well as having a comprehensive repair facility available at our offices, and even have board level repair facilities for some repairs.


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