Cottons Pinch Computers - Technology with a country style.....

Some people have asked me why the Cottons Pinch Computers logo is a Cow.  Well, there's a simple answer.  Cottons Pinch Computers is a Division of O'Connor Rural Enterprises, which runs a boutiqe Cattle breeding enterprise just out of Yea Victoria.  After 16 years of working in the City, Janet and Paul O'Connor decided they wanted a better life for thier children, so they brought Cottons Wood Farm, at the base of Cottons Pinch.  3 Years later, Paul closed all his city based interests and started the new computer business based on the Farm. 

With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the computers industry, from Service Technician, Product Marketing manager, Software and Hardware engineering and Distribution Management, he brings a wealth of experience in IT to the local area.

Paul has worked extensively overseas, in the United States, Europe and Asia, in both business developement and engineering roles.  He has won awards for some of the products he has designed, including best new NAS product for 2003 at Storage World.

What we aim to offer is a high level of service, with price parity to the city, and genuine, honest advice, regardless of your budget.  Our motto is:

We don't Judge, we just help!


This is the view from my office....  helps to understand why we do this.....